Today’s vehicles are evolving towards electrification and weight improvement. Automobiles are becoming ever more complex and sensitive systems, combining thousands of components made from various basic materials, including polymers.
Amongst those, PVC presents particularly interesting characteristics and features, especially in its soft versions for indoor, outdoor and under bonnet use.

Benvic develops innovative solutions for cars and commercial vehicles, providing performance and durability in any way necessary. We offer across the board support to our clients to ensure optimal satisfaction. Together, we co-develop bespoke solutions for rigid, plasticised and recycled PVC, for every player in the automotive supply chain.

Our solutions

Cables & electrical

Benvic’s automotive cabling answers to various performance classes and allows for significant energy savings. Our products contain flame retardant and are resistant to extreme temperature. This makes them as safe and reliable as possible for an industry where security is always a concern.


Because safety doesn’t mean inconvenience, our products also improve the comfort of drivers and passengers. They are used to make interior and trim for cockpit and seats, trimming surfaces, and part and space management for commercial vehicles.

Exterior & seals

Benvic’s products are used to manufacture exteriors and seals for body and cockpit protection against air and water ingression. Our pellets allow for extreme temperature resistance and hardness modulation.


Underhood conditions become more and more challenging. The automotive industry is now mainly relying on high-temperature thermoplastic solutions car parts. Our PVC solutions participate in reducing weight and cost, and increase the service life.

Designation Family Type Process Sub Application2 Benefits Certifications Presentation Feature Origin
ET997 Provinyl Unplasticized Extrusion Compression on demand, Extreme temperatures use Pellets IT
EP710 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Pellets Indoor conducts SP
KI725 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Compression on demand Pellets SP
KI600 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Fire resistance Pellets Insulation Class B or C ISO 6722 IT
IS621 Provinyl Plasticized Injection Compression on demand, Fire resistance Pellets Commercial vehicle seat, Under seat corrugated housing IT
KG152 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Fire resistance, Extreme temperatures use Pellets Sheating Class 2 SP
KI740 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Fire resistance, Extreme temperatures use Pellets Insulation Class 2 SP

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