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Polymers are invaluable in healthcare and medical applications. From protection to fluid transport, their safety and versatility are irreplaceable, a unique contribution to health.

Benvic manufactures both certified medical compounds and technical compounds which are not subject to certification. The production process of medical PVC is similar to, but more stringent than that of producing standard PVC. The former requires a sterile white room. Compounds must also meet rigorous technical requirements and specific homologations are compulsory.
Benvic’s products will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. This page presents our compounds used for healthcare and non-critical medical applications. You can discover our certified medical compounds on the page dedicated to our medical brand.

Our solutions

Mission-critical compounds

We've worked hard to achieve and maintain ISO 13485 certification in our plants dedicated to Medical - providing the highest level of quality, safety and consistency for our products and services.

Our plant in Chesapeake, Virginia, in the U.S, delivers custom compounds to the highest quality specs for medical grade applications, with superior customer service and logistic capabilities. Read about it:

Our entity Modenplast has over 50 years of certified experience in the medical grade PVC production for extrusion and injection moulding. Learn more:



At Benvic, we have a combative streak and we give our best in every endeavour

Benvic Modenplast Medical supplies a wide range of tubing of different dimesions made with various materials used generally in the medical sector such as PVC, PVC DEHP FREE, EVA, TPU, PE and TPE.

Modenplast also specialises in the production of PVC and lay-flat tubing for the manufacturing of medical bags for medicated , nutritional, physiological solutions, etc.

Design of complex medical components

Benvic Luc & Bel aims to design and produce excellent-quality components for medical devices.
The more than reliable experience of its members, merged with the latest production technology, offer you a wide range of first class engineering solution.
Our products perfectly fullfill all the requirements of our customers, among the top medical corporations in the world.

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