Benvic’s compounds are ideal for fashioning industrial components for various applications, to manage coating, sealing, membranes, workshop layouts, etc. In the agriculture industry, our solutions are used to make cattle enclosures and various accessories.

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Designation Family Type Process Sub Application2 Benefits Certifications Presentation Feature Origin
ST/CZ-M1 Provinyl Unplasticized Extrusion Color on demand, Dimensional stability, Impact resistance Pellets Cattle peg fences, High stiffness PL
XC35P-WER Provinyl Unplasticized Calendring Pellets Fabric coating, Transparent SP
EP632 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Pellets Fence wire coating, Green color IT
ER651 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion UV resistance Pellets Crystal curtain blade IT
ER649 Provinyl Unplasticized Extrusion Impact resistance Pellets Cattle peg fences, Value grade IT
EP705 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Impact resistance, Hydrocarbon resistance Pellets Chemical resistant seals SP
KI758 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Color on demand Pellets Fence wire coating SP
EP080 Provinyl Plasticized Extrusion Antimicrobial Pellets Architectural / outdoor textiles, Anti funghi SP

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