Fluid Transport

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A wide range of PVC formulations, rigid, compact, colourful, crystal… adapted to the transport of foodstuffs and multiple technical product applications.

The advantages of BENVIC EUROPE compounds and their applications:

  • Transport of drinking water

    Opacity, rigidity, resistance to pressure and impact resistance

  • Evacuation systems and fittings

    Extremely rigid, resistant to weather and extreme conditions and high thermal resistance.

  • Transport of foodstuffs

    Specific formulations adapted to the numerous European and international standards

  • Transport of oil and gas

    Chemical barrier properties for the transport of domestic gas (butane, propane, natural gas), gasoline and diesel, fire hoses with or without reinforcement sheathing

  • Pressure fluid transport, fittings and valve accessories

    Resistance to static and dynamic pressure, improved processability for the creation of thick-walled pipes.
    Compounds approved for the food industry, transparent or opaque and glossy finish

  • Sprinkler and irrigation system

    UV resistance, good adhesion to polyester thread, available with transparent, opaque or glossy finishes. Compounds available and adapted to the food processing industry.

Fluid transport PVC