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We offer a wide range of visually appealing products delivering excellent technical performance. The solutions developed meet the requirements and standards of the construction industry sector.

We have also developed special formulations for PVC-wood composites and other natural fibres.

The advantages of BENVIC EUROPE compounds

  • Low dilatation coefficient
  • Resistance to light aging, adapted to different climatic conditions
  • Thermal, acoustic insulation
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive industrial and natural agents
  • Satin, gloss or matt finish
  • Wide range of colours
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Optimised thermo-mechanical properties
  • Weather, wear, impact and scratch resistant
  • Long life

Interior application

fenetres PVC compounds

  • Blinds, curtains, wall partitions
  • Woodwork, furniture
  • Skirting and finishing profiles…

Exterior application


  • Blinds, shutters, fences
  • Windows, doors, gutters
  • Drainage systems and drains
  • Pools, tarpaulins