Technical and Commercial Support

Gute Gründe für die Wahl


Our Customer Technical Service (CTS) allows all our customers to benefit from the support of experienced engineers and technicians, analysis tools and the implementation of products at the forefront of technology. This service permanently performs the adjustment of existing formulas.
Our operation in tandem (CTS + sales) jointly provides technical and commercial follow-up to guide the customer throughout their development, from listening to their requirements and elaborating specifications to support at their production site (e.g. test material, optimizing customer processing equipment).

BENVIC EUROPE offers a combination of expertise combining chemistry, innovation and high quality production coupled with first-rate technical and commercial support.
Choosing BENVIC EUROPE is benefitting from supply and delivery safety through our supply chain controlling each step, from the purchase of first-class resins and additives to the planned delivery and monitoring of products.