Technical profiles

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In close cooperation with customers and suppliers of raw materials, we have developed a series of mixtures and alloys for the production of technical profiles, with the permanent concept of respect for the environment.
However, depending on the type of application and the desired properties, the choice of additives proves crucial and requires a case-by-case study of the needs to meet the normative and individual requirements of our customers.

The advantages of BENVIC EUROPE compounds

  • Rigidity and creep resistance

  • Impact resistance

  • Heat resistance

  • Resistance to light aging, adapted to diverse climatic conditions

  • Thermal, acoustic and electric insulation

  • Resistance to chemicals

  • Fire resistance

  • Wide range of colours


  • Building thermal break
  • Window frame
  • Veranda finishing
  • Skirting (finishing, electrical, cold rooms)
  • Ducts
Technical profiles PVC