Our Commitments

Our success is not an accident. It is the result of years of research and improvement. Our pledges to excellence, environmental awareness and ethical business practices enable us to forge ahead in the industry. Our commitments to our stakeholders keep us humane and make us a great company to work with and to work in.

Our values in action

Our global Code of Conduct, first published in December 2022, is the backbone enabling us to conduct our operations with Quality, Transparency, Integrity and Social Responsibility. It defines what we stand for.

Corporate values



Our employees are hard-workers, devoted to the company and our demand for quality. We are proud of them.
From factory workers to executive management, they demonstrate grit and commitment in their day-to-day work as well as in times of crises. They are the critical ingredient of the formula of our success.



Everything is easier when it is done with passion.
Our enthusiasm about our products and services is reflected in our enthusiasm about our trade.
As much as possible, we foster enthusiasm, passion and pleasure in our operations, for their benefits are felt all along, through to the end customer.



As a Group, we pledge to honour all of our stakeholders, from our employees to our clients to the planet itself. Benvic Group promotes respect amongst its staff and throughout its operations. Respect for our trade and products also means intransigence, high expectations, and the constant drive to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Most accomplishments are the results of collaboration. Collective actions are more likely to be successful and meaningful, to have a lasting impact. We thus value and encourage team spirit both as a way to foster a healthy work environment and as the quickest path to success.

Benvic is committed to the continuous improvement of all aspects of the business

During the past 50 years, we have honed our skills and our production processes. We have developed our own methods and procedures, which we consistently refine through employees’ and customers’ feedback.
We only work with the best suppliers in the industry. All of this guaranteed an exceptional quality of execution.

At Benvic, we have a combative streak and we give our best in every endeavour

Our  solutions always have an edge over the competition and we do everything to stay ahead. Whether our formulas are long-standing and time-tested, or custom-made for a specific client, we only offer sophisticated compounds that contribute to the final product’s value by delivering the right properties with the right robustness.

Benvic Group is not merely a compounds manufacturer

What makes our solutions so unique and valuable is the breath of our expertise and the quality of our customers support. Sale and delivery do not mark the end of our relationship with our clients. We follow them  throughout their own manufacturing process, providing advice and support, adjustments and troubleshooting, and co-designing new solutions for their specific needs.

Benvic holds that corporations have moral duties, and we strive to uphold our strong ethical beliefs every day

Through recycling, circular economy and ecological innovation, we pursue sustainable production and development. We also vow to make our workplaces safe and fair for our employees, and to build and sustain a vibrant internal community. We have developed a very demanding environmental management system, with zero recorded incidents. Finally, we make sure that our providers and subcontractors abide by the same humane and fundamental standards.

Human Rights

Human rights are one of the central pillars of our vision for creating shared value for our stakeholders and for society as a whole. We vow to do everything in our power to defend them, and we choose our business partners accordingly. Our Human Rights Policy serves as a guide for us and our partners in conducing ethical and honest business.