Material for sustainability

The world transition to a circular economy is now a well-established fact: The aims are to minimize resource consumption and to preserve health and the environment, with a concentrated focus on reduced carbon emission and water consumption.

A holistic approach

Regulations, consumer choices, and resource management have led society to manage new ways of developing, producing, and disposing of products. As a producer of materials, Benvic is deeply involved in all of these aspects, especially in the materials we provide - and in the way we produce them.

Today’s circularity principles are principally aimed at the reuse and repair of products. It is therefore essential that durable and robust materials are provided for this purpose.


Benvic’s PVC range - ProVinyl - fully addresses this need and – via superior performance - now enables the development of long lifecycle products and applications.

Material recycling represents Benvic’s full commitment to the circular economy. Our recycled materials range across PVC, ProVinyl -R, and non-PVC, Dot-R options.

These 2nd life polymers fully answer the market’s needs and demands. The reason? Benvic does not just simply substituting a recycled resin for fossil-based materials. Instead, the company mixes and matches a great variety of formulations and feedstocks in order to provide product stability, performance and the right environmental outcome.

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Natural solutions

And when recycling solutions reach their limit, Benvic’s biobased ingredients provide the alternative: Benvic’s Plantura range, PLA based, is an excellent CO2 impact reducer. In addition – and thanks to Benvic’s expert compounding technologies – Plantura is able to challenge techno and engineering polymers in all kinds of demanding markets.

On top of this, the inclusion of various biobased filler enlarges the environmental performance.

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Natural solutions

Essential ESG

Factors of sustainability also impact the way all manufacturers create products.  At Benvic we have set challenging targets in terms of ESG policies. These targets drive some very ambitious programs to reduce our overall environmental impact.

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Essential ESG

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