Creating new environmental value

Aside from Benvic’s standard range of compounds, the company offers further value by also integrating recycled material feedstocks. As compounder, our key value is delivering the right alignment of feedstock and its integration inside the compound to provide a resources saving material with stable performance and continuous availability.

Overcoming limitations

The integration of ingredients from mechanical recycling sets limitations that are generally linked to the great variety of feedstock sources. The Benvic mission is not simply to recycle within these limitations but to use compounding expertise to compensate for them, solving issues of  color, odors, thermomechanical properties, flame retardancy and many other stumbling blocks.

PVC-based secondary raw materials

Initiated from residues of PVC wastes, our secondary raw material is produced in-house via various mechanical recycling processes.  After selection and a proper process that transforms former parts into powder or pellets, it can then be re-integrated into a regular compounding process.

The evolution of these recycled base PVC compounds can lead to the significant new development of secondary raw materials. These are able to be aligned and specified for differing performance criteria or for certification compliance. As each need and 2nd life product is different - depending on uses and feedstocks - Benvic is on hand to help customize the process.

Recycled-based PVC compounds that maximize performance

The demand for more environmental-friendly products naturally means the introduction of a higher level of PVC recyclate into existing compounds for various applications.  Various regulations, including carbon footprint and increased EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) meant that recycled based PVC will further increase in its use and value.

The primary challenge therefore is to find and create just the right kinds of PVC recyclate - based on premium choice feedstocks and containing just the right properties for easy adoption into existing manufacturing systems.

Benvic is more than ready for this challenge: Our formulation and engineering teams are here to meet your specific needs; ensuring top quality and performance within a recycled based material strategy.

In such cases, specific developments are managed by our formulation and engineering teams in order to help maintain existing product performance and quality while integrating the recycled material strategy.

Services on demand

The usual way to include recycled content is to integrate secondary raw material or finished compounds to the standard level that is specified. However, and in many cases, manufacturers need to integrate post-industrial or post-consumer recyclate, or various recycling circumstances, into a tailor-made solution for the specific needs of their customers or consumers.

Benvic can help such manufacturers create and manage specific circularity schemes such as these; selecting and handling wastes, defining the right strategy for their integration in recycling or upcycling and also developing fresh compounds for sampling and for the marketplace.

In this way Benvic both develops and manages recycling and compounding needs together – assisting and assuring success in the new circular economy.

These services are custom made. For example, if a company has an amount of post-industrial or post-use polymer waste but lacks the know-how to factor these materials into its production Benvic can help – helping manage such regeneration through processes that are based on micronization or pellitization.

Benvic’s on-demand expertise and services are the perfect solution for integrating these materials.

Converting the non PVC range to recycling content

For many years Benvic has developed detailed expertise in recycling its PVC-based compounds. The Benvic vision and mission is to redesign polymer compounds, using all the features and benefits of recycled materials. Indeed, new regulations are helping to drive new ways to introduce these products, mainly based on product life cycle assessments.

Aside from Benvic's Dot-Core range, for conventional compounds, and Dot-Flex for thermoplastics elastomers, Benvic's Dot-R range is founded on recycled polymer resins in order to offer materials that are compliant with the circular economy. Dot-R materials also complement the existing product families.

  • Dot-R PP, for example, complements Benvic’s DotCore PP product family for polypropylene compounds that are based on recycled content, ranging from 20% to 100%. Benvic’s commitment to customer service – the company’s signature DNA – means going further than ‘off the shelf’ product in order to offer just the right material formulation suited to the customer’s end product.

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