Strategic pillars

In order to accomplish our strategic vision and achieve our goals, we rely on four strategic pillars: innovative approach, sustainable design, and a pledge of the highest quality. These schemes have never failed us in the past, and we depend on them for playing our part in the world of tomorrow.

More, forever, naturally

We are implementing an enterprise-wide transformation that will enable and accelerate our enhanced business strategy. This transformation relies on four strategic pillars.

Excellence through innovation

Innovation is the first strategic pillar that will enable us to stay one of the world’s leading value-based company. We aspire to stay trendsetters in the compounding industry, promoting technical developments and creative solutions. Each of our factories has its own research lab and 20% of our managers are dedicated to innovation. Our formulas are constantly reappraised and improved, proactively and in collaboration with our customers.

Design better products

Benvic favours a long-term vision which takes into account all of our stakeholders’ interests, from our clients to the planet, from our employees to our providers. This implies both becoming a more sustainable company and providing more sustainable solutions to our customers. Recycling, going carbon neutral and the circular economy are thus key components of our strategy for the coming years. We are also focused on creating new polymer solutions for life and environment care.

The highest quality of products and services

Our customers expect nothing but the best, and Benvic is committed to upholding the utmost quality in its products. This has helped us foster long-term, thriving and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Going forward, we will continue to invest in employees training, newer machines, better product lines, and state-of-the-art research facilities. This is the price of outstanding quality and our commitment to our clients everywhere.

A powerful force for creativity

Collaboration with our valued partners is one of our guiding principles. Creation does not happen in a vacuum. Benvic’s solutions are the result of close collaboration with our clients and suppliers, working together to co-design the products that will best fulfil their needs. Together with them, we will continue to innovate and to fashion the best products on the market.