Value proposition

Benvic pledges to contribute to a good industry and is already designing the polymer solutions of the future.

Enhance the performance of your materials

Our compounding design strategies aim to improve the performance of your materials and add value to the end product

Global presence, local solution

Benvic Group combines the advantages of a multinational company with the benefits of regional, independent, human-size entities. Thanks to our global dimension, we are solid enough to withstand crises. We can adapt to market tendencies and can afford to invest wherever and whenever necessary. But we have also retained the flexibility of smaller and more agile companies. Our network of production facilities allows for a close presence and dedicated production lines.

Skills & expertise

Thanks to our entrepreneurial approach, our technical excellence and our long experience, our solutions offer remarkable added value. We develop sustainable offers and lasting customer relationships for an extended range of compounds. Through our rigorous manufacturing process and our dedicated customer support, we aim to empower you to create the best product possible. Whatever your situation, we will identify your needs and fulfil them optimally.

Customer relation

Our customers are at the heart of our business model. Our relation with them has forged our identity and shaped our approach to creation and innovation. Their feedback has been invaluable in enhancing our processes and refining our formulas. Thanks to our high customer support level, we are able to provide the best tailored and value-based products for all needs.

Corporate responsibility

There is only one way for a company to thrive on the long-term: it is to be sustainable and socially responsible throughout the production chain. Benvic wholly endorses this ethical approach to business and is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development and respectful and safe management in its operations.

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