Benvic is a company with a strong identity. Over the years, we have acquired several pioneering companies, embracing their specificities while welcoming them in our family. Our structure transcends our diversity and makes it a valuable asset by forging synergies and promoting cross-divisional activity that benefits the entire group – and, by the same token, all of our customers.

Ensuring the efficiency of the group

Our diversity of brands, product lines and locations are key to our success. Our group is structured in such a way as to allow these different aspects to coexist, strengthening our skills and promoting synergies between our various sites and activities.
Our industry requires constant innovation and adaptation, as well as quality management: our governance enables strong monitoring of all the aspects of the Group’s business and performance, while giving each site the autonomy to foster innovation.


Luc Mertens joined Benvic in 2000 as CEO of the fast-transforming company. With his background as a chemical engineer, his extensive management experience within the company Solvay and his forward-thinking approach to the industry, he is uniquely positioned to steer Benvic Group towards sustainable success.
As Benvic CEO, he oversees Corporate Functions and Operations. He is assisted by the Strategic Committee, and the Executive Committee charged with the Group strategy as well as Country & Business supervision.
The Executive Committee (ExCo), comprised of executive, operational and functional directors, defines strategic objectives on the basis of the orientations decided by the Strategic Committee, ensuring and monitoring their implementation and overseeing the good management thereof.


Benvic Sales & Operations are managed at the regional level, where our products are manufactured. This mode of operation leans on our local expertise and excellence, and allows for high responsiveness. 
Several corporate managers provide support and guidance to local teams. Our dedicated local entities, united under Benvic global business lines, are resourceful, responsive and flexible. 
Each of our 8 industrial, research and production sites has its own management committee, responsible for country governance and the integration of new acquisition. They have developed know-how and skills appropriate to their domestic market and geographical area of reference, taking into account the constraints and local culture.