Our history

Since its independence in 2014 and its acquisition by the leading European investment group Investindustrial in 2017, Benvic has further increased its commitment to research and cutting-edge technology. Our acquisition of new subsidiaries opens up new perspectives in exigent and stimulating sectors, like the medical industry. At the confluence of our long-standing engineering mindset and our new endeavours, we are more ready than ever to face the future and its challenges through rational science and nature-friendly technology.

Sustainable growth makers

Historically specialised in PVC powders, compounds and components, Benvic naturally adapted to changing times and evolving needs to create and produce new solutions and new polymers. Beyond their specificities, our four product lines each share Benvic’s DNA: our commitment to excellence, collaboration and sustainability.
Early 2018, Benvic Group initiated a transformation process that will increase its product diversity and guarantee its longterm outputs. We expect a continuing growth in the next years, both financially and in our capacity to uphold a sustainable and value-driven business model. More than ever, our fundamental strategy remains focused on the quality of the product and the exemplary service we provide to each and every one of our customers.

We look forward to the challenges we are bound to meet and the new solutions we will create to address them. We shall continue to bring value to the world and to lead the industry to a more viable and worthy future.