Developments to come

Through its acquisitions policy, Benvic is expanding into new industries, such as fashion, home appliances, furniture and particularly the medical industry. We are developing new lines and products to better serve our clients’ needs and to devise tomorrow’s compounds and solutions.

Within ten years, we intend to increase the production of our new business lines and we expect a significant growth for TPE, biopolymers, halogen free compounds, recycled PVC, and our activities in the medical sector.


Our clients innovate and need ever more efficient and specific solutions. This is why we have developed the KCC series, a range of conductive compounds that address issues such as ESD, shielding, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), and metal substitution in electronics. Benvic Group is proud to contribute to the creation of new and promising technology. Going forward, we will continue to invest in the creation of conductive polymers and other specialized and high-value compounds.

Xtended materials

In the future, our engineering team will continue to fashion new, innovative technical polymers in partnership with our clients. They will also work on extending and adapting the properties of the Linkflex HF range for specific customer needs.


We plan to capitalise ever more on available biomass to formulate and manufacture eco-friendly polymers that will contribute to sustainable applications and bring value to the design of eco-responsible products. Our Plantura range is finding new and broader applications in a wider variety of industries.


Benvic Group has laid the foundations for a strong medical business line. In the future, we will continue to expand our expertise and our offers of medically-certified regulated solutions. Our strategy is to propose complementary and dependable products that medical professionals feel secure and confident using in their work.