Benvic Group is more than a compound manufacturer. We propose an all-encompassing approach, where our teams are fully committed to our clients from end to end. Our customer service is as important a part of our business as the fabrication process.

An all-compassing approach

It is our philosophy to guide and assist our clients throughout the creation of their own valuable end-product. Once a prospective client has liaised with us, our sales teams help them determine which product will work best for their equipment and their application. Our engineers and workers then manufacture the product and test it thoroughly.
Our highly responsive customer support follows up with the client and makes sure of their full satisfaction. When new needs arise, our engineers are eager to advise customers and to co-design new, innovative solutions with them. Each of our sites offer tailored services. We create bespoke and value-based products that will bequeath their excellence to the end-product.

We can rely on us for:

Superior customer service

  • Need assessment
  • Service engineering
  • Technical support & customer service

Quality & Lab services with the highest standards

  • In-house testing
  • On site testing
  • Control and homologation tests

These include rheology - processbility, thermal properties, mechanical properties, surface properties, chemistry and other additional testing.

Value-add logistics & sourcing

  • Our U.S. based entities provide additional services such as:
  •  Transloading and logistics
  •  Externalisation
  •  Sourcing

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