Purposeful innovation

Benvic stems from a long line of engineers seeking to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues. Innovation is in our very own DNA and we strive to get always better at what we do.

Engineers at heart

Benvic thus gives pride of place to innovation and R&D investments. In a context of strong change and in order to meet the requirements and needs of its current and future markets, the Group invests several million euros each year to strengthen its production and innovation capacities, both from a technical and human point of view.
20% of our executives are dedicated to innovation, and every year, we renew up to 25% of our solutions. We also work on product diversification, in order to offer a more extensive product portfolio to our customers. Our researches further touch upon the best ways to achieve sustainability, in our own company and in the world beyond.

Driving innovation through collaboration

Driving our innovation is a constant exchange between clients, sales representatives, suppliers, production workers, customer support and engineers. Our Research & Development teams are as skilled at proactive as at reactive investigations. Whether we react to a client’s request or we invest in forward-thinking, unrestricted research, collaboration is the crux of our method. We work alongside our various partners for we know that dialogue and cooperation are the secrets of great discoveries.

Designing the compounds of the future

Throughout the years, Benvic Group has discovered and launched several ingenious and cutting-edge formulas, which have helped cement our position as one of the world leaders of PVC compounding and thermoplastic solutions. Thanks to our engineers and their creativity, Benvic’s products have found numerous applications, from the most widespread to the most sophisticated. They have earned their place in our usual surroundings as well as in smart homes, laboratories, and medical environments.

A long history of sustainable innovation

A perfect example of our power of innovation in our traditional trade is our KCC series, launched in 2021. These ProVinyl compounds have electrical conduction properties that provide protection against the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD). They are composed of PVC and a conductive filler, carefully integrated with the base resin in order to ensure homogeneity and achieve the desired properties. Benvic has used all of its compounding know-how in order to successfully integrate this complex material within ordinary PVC processing.

Anticipating your needs

Even if PVC remains our core business, we are quickly expanding into alternative materials, like bio-polymers (Plantura range) and HFFR compounds based on a polyolefin polymer matrix (Linkflex HF series). There also, innovation and research are a stapple of the Benvic method.

Innovative medical solutions

Amongst our medical innovation, we can mention our range of PVC DEHP free products, plasticizers that remain free from the indoctrinating perturbator phthalate. We also manufacture state-of-the-art solutions with attractive adhesive (EVA) and elastic and resistant (TPU) properties. As for our Plastisafe technology, it is a new patented solution that eliminates bacteria on polymeric surfaces.