Why Polymer compounding

Benvic Group is a proud compounder: our thermoplastic solutions are designed to help our customers around the world meet key challenges, from windows and flooring, to pipes and cables, or excellence-quality medical devices.

The safest solutions in many industries

Benvic Group started as an expert in PVC compounds, and we remain to this day one of the major players in the industry. We intend to continually enhance our PVC solutions and to spearhead PVC innovation in the years to come. PVC continues to be one of the safest solutions in many industries and applications. It remains a stapple of the construction, cabling, fluid transportation, medical and automotive industries thanks to its cost effectiveness, its aesthetic properties, its fire-resistance and its durability.

In addition, all our thermoplastic solutions meet the highest standards, can be processed and offer high level of chemical resistance.

Upgrading polymers through blending and mixing

A polymer blend is a mixture of two or more polymers to create a new material with different physical properties. Polymer blends are playing an important role in our lives, with potential applications due to their high elasticity, low cost, lightweight, etc.. These materials are easily processed and an ideal candidate for modern technologies. Our unique mix of technological know-how and manufacturing capabilities assures our customers we can provide any solution to meet their needs.

The most carbon-efficient plastic

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material with undoubted physical and sanitary qualities, is our historical business. PVC is a traditional thermoplastic polymer with many advantages among plastics. 57% of its molecular weight is derived from common salt and 38% from carbon.
It is one of the most resistant materials in the environment: used as a rigid material for the building industry, it is insensitive to UVs and humidity. It also no longer emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a high durability, up to 50 years.

Thermoplastic polymers are easily recycled

One of the basic properties of thermoplastic polymers is their response to heat: they can be melted and reformed when cooled. Therefore, they can be easily recycled.
PVC for example can be recycled several times at end of life, up to 7 times, without losing its essential properties, and with a better carbon footprint than other plastics.

Eliminating substances of concern

Benvic is strongly committed to provide its customers with long-lasting and safe solutions. We have eliminated the use of lead and DEHP in our production and are careful to the additives used.
PVC is the single most used polymer for plastic-based medical devices used in hospitals as it is a safe, light-weighted, reliable and cost-efficient material. The two main applications for medically approved PVC compounds are containers and tubing, but our teams provide medical-grade PVC compounds for many more applications.