Redesigning plastics. For good. This is just the beginning ...




From Luc Mertens, Benvic Group CEO


Our Benvic future begins today, with the rollout of our new corporate identity. What will such a future look like?  We express it simply as -

“Redesigning plastics. For good.”

In late 2022, Benvic's technical evolution and forward-thinking led to our acquisition by the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). Today, Benvic is part of a larger ICIG grouping that covers a total of twenty-eight businesses, served by 6800 employees worldwide. From today our full integration within ICIG will be expressed in our new corporate identity. This will:

  • Underscore our commitment to the upcoming circular economy.
  • Broaden our capabilities in PVC compounds.
  • Develop new thermoplastic compounds as solutions for existing and upcoming customers.

Benvic's core values and service will not change: We will retain and develop our commercial strengths - in particular, bespoke customer care and service. Our existing product portfolio will be sustained, especially for PVC compounds where we continue to lead the market in all major aspects.

“Redesigning plastics. For good.”

In addition, Benvic is steadily advancing its capabilities within the growing circular economy: This mission has released ICIG investment that will double our overall production capacity in PVC recycling, together with a significant expansion of our EREPLAST SAS subsidiary: In addition, this company will be renamed BENVIC RECYCLING SAS - strongly underscoring the importance of  this technology for all our Benvic Group companies.

The ICIG synergies that are now available to us will also enable Benvic to deliver greater creativity, flexibility, and sustainability to the most important entity in our world – our customers.  A shared identity will be key in the delivering all Benvic benefits to all our marketplaces.

  • Our Polish subsidiary Alfa PVC Sp Zoo now trades as BENVIC Sp Zoo
  • Our UK facility DUGDALE LTD is renamed BENVIC Dugdale LTD
  • In the USA our specialist medical business, Chemres LLC, is now BENVIC Chemres LLC, alongside BENVIC Trinity LLC – a technical compound manufacturer.

In summary, Benvic’s eight manufacturing sites and 630 employees will work together to empower a full-strength capability in sustainable plastic compounding - reshaping a new future for all.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Founded in 1963, Benvic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermoplastic compounds. From concept to fulfilment, Benvic develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly customized customer solutions that are used in a wide range of applications, namely construction, wire & cable, medical, automotive, fluid transport and electro technical products.

Integrated as the compounding platform of the International Chemical Investors Group, Benvic has approximately 630 employees and currently operates a total of 8 production sites in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK and the USA. The group exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Fully committed to tailor-made polymer solutions and advancing the circular economy with recycled and biobased content, Benvic is - day after day - “Redesigning Plastics. For Good”