The new Dot range !

Benvic’s new Dot range – part of the company’s Xtended materials portfolio – will be launched at the K exhibition in Düsseldorf this month.

The new Dot range

Xtended, as the name suggests, will open up new opportunities and horizons for Benvic and will cover all plastics processing technology, especially injection moulding.

The Dot range will initially be targeted on new markets such as white goods and high street consumer products. It consists of four major material centres.


The DotCore business will cover polyolefins, mainly polypropylene, and this product portfolio will largely consist of engineered and bespoke compound grades. Eric Grange Benvic Marketing Manager says that ‘our focus here is to bring the unique Benvic DNA to bear – in other words, to use our experience in adjacent polymer technology (such as vinyl) to design and supply very specific compounds that mainstream producers typically cannot offer. 


Benvic’s DotFlex business will be based on thermoplastic elastomer technology: Benvic’s TPE materials will add an additional and significant alternative to Benvic’s existing range of soft vinyl materials – amplifying customer options and choices in this area.

Today’s footwear markets, for example, supply a microcosm for Benvic in terms of the wide range of TPE and ProVinyl materials it can now supply to processors and OEMs. Benvic is using the experience gained in footwear to extend and to ‘mix and match’ its TPE/ProVinyl capabilities for the benefit of other sectors. At the moment Benvic’s TPE range mainly comprises SBS and SEBS materials. The range will also be extended to other types of TPE’s.


Dotech compounds represent Benvic’s engineering solutions for thermoplastics compounds that require highly demanding (niche) applications. Benvic will brings these innovations to the market during 2023. Early applications are expected to be found in the construction sector.  


Benvic’s Dot-R range of compounds covers the circular economy – particularly where Benvic’s materials technology succeeds in upcycling first use polymers (non-PVC) into new products that meet the new global environmental agenda. Dot-R technology combines both environmental and technical performance releasing new possibilities for technical parts that are based on optimizing recyclate feedstock.

Dot-R will perfectly complement Benvic’s capabilities in biobased polymer solutions, such as the company’s Plantura compounds. This will widen customer choice, improving the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of finished products - based on the customer’s own criteria

Dot-R, for example, will allow Benvic customers to design and specify recycled based materials for engineered parts in the electrical, consumer and automotive sectors. This option is in line with the overall Benvic strategy to develop and curate all of its materials and compounds so that the customer may benefit from enhanced environmental performance with provenance and documentation and to match.

New Dot-R products will be ready for launch by Benvic in 2023.