Confirmed GOLD-level excellence

For the second year in a row, Benvic announces a Gold Ecovadis standard performance for ESG-related matters.
Since 2019, Benvic has implemented an ambitious action plan orchestrated by stakeholders to enhance our operational processes and their impact on the environment and our partners. Our employees are at the core of this performance, which encompasses all entities.

Benvic strikes Gold

Once again this year, Ecovadis, the sustainability standard, has acknowledged our strides in sustainability and awarded us the GOLD rating. This places us among the top 2% of companies in our industry.
This achievement is a testament to our actions and, more importantly, our 2022 results, encompassing all entities within the group, both in Europe and the United States.

A necessary and anticipated recognition

As Benvic celebrates its 60th anniversary, we also mark 60 years of innovation and commitment. This commitment extends not only to our employees but also to our clients, suppliers, and all our partners. Since gaining independence, Benvic has consistently expanded its application field, affirming a commitment to exclusively respond to sustainable applications. This dedication was reinforced in 2019 with the establishment of a comprehensive ESG action plan and reporting.

Beyond highly specific projects like recycling or environmental data sheets, as detailed in our 2023 sustainability report, ESG is now integral to all our actions. Our employees are sensitized to these issues, finding significant purpose and recognition. We collaborate with our suppliers to enhance our sourcing and procurement policies. Working closely with our clients involves co-design, shared information initiatives, sustainable projects, and more. Finally, we ensure an ambitious ethical charter for all our partners, including our investors.

If our environmental and social performance has once again been recognized, Ecovadis has acknowledged our significant progress in formalizing and sharing our values and key ethical principles. Consequently, Benvic has released its inaugural Code of Conduct and ethical charter, encompassing all subsidiaries of the group.

We continue to work, in collaboration with our factories and all our teams, to advance Benvic: GOLD has also become our standard.