Benvic’s ProVinyl set for success at K 2022

Benvic’s premier PVC material compounds – recently launched as ProVinyl – will make their long-awaited K 2022 debut this year

Benvic’s ProVinyl is designed to rival the price/performance of engineering plastics and to also provide technical superiority in the key construction and building markets - particularly for applications such as windows, doors, seals, frames, profiles and plumbing infrastructure.

ProVinyl for building & cable

Since its launch, ProVinyl compounds have immediately been winning orders and RAL QA certifications, for example, in the valued German building markets. ProVinyl is also being specified for major local certifications in the building industry.

Benvic’s ProVinyl compounds have also been developed for toughness and longevity in public infrastructure; for subsoil pressure fittings, pipes and other critical applications needing MRS 25 certification.

Meantime ProVinyl KCC speciality compounds are being supplied to buyers who need to protect against the risk of electrical electrostatic discharge and operational over-heating of products. Early market successes here include cabling, medical equipment and flooring.

Designed & developed for valuable products

Aside from these leading applications, Benvic is also covering niche markets for which specific material features are required. This meets the Benvic strategy to support all of its customers who are designing and develop ProVinyl into valuable products.

Eric Grange, Benvic Marketing Manager says that ‘we are delighted to be introducing our ProVinyl compounds into such an important arena as the K 2022 exhibition.

It is well known that PVC materials are the most environmental of all polymers in terms of their volume recovery, recycling and re-use. This is partly why Benvic has created ProVinyl:  to improve the material’s eco-performance through recycling and also in conjunction with biobased solutions. Benvic’s recycled based compounds are being developed via customer partnerships in order

Grange says that ‘ProVinyl - its eco-balance and LCA make-up – is also here in anticipation of a further tightening of the regulatory framework around PVC materials. Those PVC compounders who have not invested in this way may be legislated out of business.

As part of Benvic’s core range, ProVinyl is a valuable reference product –both to demonstrate our materials know-how and also to ‘show case’ our contributions to customer performance.’