Benvic to shine at Plastics Recycling Show Europe June 19-20, 2024, Amsterdam

Europe’s new-look compounder Benvic takes its confident new mission statement - Redesigning plastics. For Good - to Europe’s annual polymer recycling event; PRSE, Amsterdam, June 19-20.

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Reinforcing our expertise

Benvic Marketing Manager Eric Grange says that ‘the PRSE show provides the perfect timing and platform for us to talk with our visitors and customers about a Benvic business that is newly re-dedicated to designing and supplying materials for the world’s circular economies.’

Benvic’s Amsterdam conversations are likely to revolve around the company’s in-house capabilities to manage and overcome all recycling complexities related to various commodity and industrial polymers.

For example, there will be Benvic solutions linked to PVC recyclate, namely, the specialization of formulations, and the management of legacy additives. This expertise will give Benvic customers the ability to stay ahead of any related and upcoming EU legislation, while also decarbonizing their products and passing the same eco-benefits on to their customers.


Although Benvic is historically best known for its foundations in PVC materials, the past five years have seen the company extensively diversifying into many other commodity polymers.

Benvic brands in Polypropylene and TPE materials have been launched in the past two years – all with recyclate options. The company’s other thermoplastic recycled based compounds have been finding markets in furniture, panels, consumer goods and automotive.

“Redesigning plastics. For good.”

And following significant investment from Benvic’s ICIG shareholder, the Benvic stand will reveal more details about the company’s new investments in recycling, including:

  • Benvic’s capacities for new projects
  • Benvic’s capabilities based on sorting and storage
  • Benvic’s in house testing for product guarantees of environmental products and materials

Benvic is also planning to use the PRSE event to open up conversations with:

  • Suppliers of waste and waste contractors
  • Organisers of specific recycling schemes – by geographical area - by product – both public and private sector
  • OEMs, consultants and designers needing to eco-design products and applications.

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“Redesigning plastics. For good.”

Eric Grange notes that ‘Benvic’s 60+years of material compounding expertise means that we can lead manufacturing in the direction of re-compounding and recycling, including

  • Huge material formulation capabilities
  • In house testing and certification programmes – with QA and traceability
  • Performance compounds including recyclate

Meanwhile Benvic’s flagship PVC recyclate material -  ProVinyl R – is already gaining traction in the marketplace and winning orders in areas such as windows parts, cable conducts, general profiles, fittings, gutters and many other products.

Benvic operates today as part of a larger ICIG grouping that covers a total of twenty-eight businesses, served by 6800 employees worldwide. The compnay currently runs a total of 8 production sites in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK and the USA and is fully committed to tailor-made polymer solutions and advancing the circular economy with recycled and biobased content.

Founded in 1963, Benvic is one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermoplastic compounds. From concept to fulfilment, Benvic develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly customized customer solutions that are used in a wide range of applications and markets. In late 2022 such innovation led the Benvic Group to be acquired by the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG).