Benvic works the synergies between PVC and its new integrated compounds

By Eric Grange, Marketing Manager
Benvic’s 60 plus years of PVC material expertise and compounding has equipped our company with an extensive customer base in thermoplastic compounds for building, water management, electrical cables, construction and packaging.

All through this time Benvic’s continual investment in compounding science and technology has allowed us to design and develop materials that are a perfect fit with their intended applications and uses.

The work involves a continual adjustment of the polymer compounds.

  • To optimize the plastics processing and converting processes
  • To optimize the performance of the product itself.

Developing and bringing forward new compounds

Benvic is now broadening customer choice within these established markets; developing and bringing forward new compounds from other parts of its portfolio – polypropylenes, thermoplastic elastomers, recyclate, halogen free cable compounds,  biobased materials and many others.

The reason?  To further help customer choice; offering Benvic customers alternative thermoplastics with better functionality or better price-performance or simply in those cases where PVC may be limited for regulatory or technical reasons.

Since becoming an independent company in 2014, Benvic has chosen to diversify and add to its PVC beginnings in the mid-1960’s. The guiding light has always been to serve markets and customers and the result has been to acquire and develop different material choices.

Indeed, Benvic’s huge legacy markets in PVC has given our company a distinct advantage in designing and developing alternative materials of equal and improved value.

PVC compounding remains Benvic’s core ‘bread and butter’ business.

Increasingly, however, we are making provision for customers at a strategic level - being able to flex with them according to the trading, regulatory and environmental landscape.

At a material level this means upgrading and improving our PVC compounds – our ProVinyl range is a case in point – and also offering much more choice and variety with our other thermoplastic compounds. The horizons regarding

The new regulatory background requires the re-integration of recycled materials into products. Benvic’s ProVinyl range is leading the way in this regard; retrofitted into many different applications – maintaining product performance while integrating polymer recyclate inside.

And thanks to our recent investments in production and formulation science, Benvic is now providing a standard range of polypropylene (PP) compounds in the form of our newly launched DotCore range.

Create unique synergies between PVC and PP

This means that Benvic is now able to handle any kind of PP compound type in order to create unique synergies between PVC and PP, and to be able to supply customers with any product characteristic along that material spectrum.

This is really a new departure for the polymer compounding industry: In the main, PVC compounders of the past were usually single polymer players; obliging customers to manage different polymer suppliers when needed. Not anymore.

In addition, Benvic also has the recycling options covered for both of these commodity polymers. Our Dot-R PP compound family has been developed for those customers who need to retrofit their products into recycling content for the new circular economy, to help reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions

For Benvic to offer these recycled solutions for both PP and PVC materials is an excellent way to support our customers through the circular economy transition – particularly where key applications are involved and especially for sectors such as building, water management, and electrical and electronic devices.

Create unique synergies between PVC and PP

Successfully synergies between ProVinyl, PVC compounds, and Linkflex HF, our halogen free

The example of the electrical cabling sector provides one key recent success story where we have successfully deployed synergies between ProVinyl, PVC compounds, and Linkflex HF, our halogen free polyethylene-based product. This particular synergy sees Benvic leading important changes in the cabling landscape. It also allows us to become more effective partners to our key customers. This in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction, long-term strategic relationships – and better business.

In terms of our evolving PP compound range, Benvic will now move to develop and integrate our DotFlex Thermoplastic Elastomer range (TPE) with these materials. We will also develop DotFlex alongside our soft PVC capabilities and sales process to become a one stop shop provider for many applications where Benvic is already present.

Adding these new material compounds to our PVC legacy business gives Benvic many new opportunities to service and support our customers – and far beyond the practices and capabilities of PVC-only compounders.

The Benvic mission is to support our customer with all possible material choices – optimizing compounds for performance and /or the transition to the circular economy.  In this way Benvic aims to become one of the major compounding players in the new era of the circular economy.