Innovation through collaboration

Learn more about how Röchling, Benvic and BASF drive innovation together.

Join us at K for a live discussion

Oct 21 - 1:00 pm on BASF booth Hall 5 C21/D21

Driving innovation in automotive

All automotive polymer parts have significant performance requirements, depending on where they are located within the vehicle. 

A new project from plastics specialist Röchling is now addressing these demands through biobased materials – while delivering environmental benefits. Europe’s leading polymer compounder, Benvic, is an instrumental partner in this project. 

In the past, bio-sourced polymers have provided environmental improvements in carbon footprint and emissions. However, they had disadvantages regarding thermomechanical performance and climatic resistance properties. 

Benvic has developed Plantura formulation technology that takes these biopolymers to the next level – higher structural performance: increased thermal resistance, hydrolysis, fatigue resistance, and resistance at impact for replacing conventional polymers in engineered parts.

Filter boxes, active grill shutters, grills, air intake ducts and award-winning beauty covers for engines made of PLA biobased Plantura compounds are being prepared for the market.

UV resistance is another crucial parameter for which Benvic has found improvements, thanks to the customized additive solutions from BASF that have successfully improved the performance of parts continuously exposed to sun rays.

Join Alessandro Iviglia (Röchling), Denis Grechi (Benvic) and Achim Sties (BASF), on Oct 21 at K for a live discussion on how the three teams collaborated to overcome the challenges of developing high-performing, next level biopolymers for automotive, industrial, and medical applications.

Driving innovation in automotive