ESG: Benvic puts the Innovation into Environmental

The Environmental pillar in ESG can be summarised by Benvic as embracing circularity and reducing the company’s impact on climate change.


This is the first of three articles that summarise the threefold commitment of Europe’s leading polymer compounder, Benvic, to the three pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Making better environmental products

At the next level of detail, for Benvic, this means:

  • Creating value by adopting a circular economy approach along the entire product chain
  • Promoting the development of alternative and sustainable materials in order to reduce the environmental impact of products.
  • Alignment with the highest performance on climate protection within the sector.

To do the environmental work effectively requires efficient systems of measurement and standardization. ‘To measure is to manage,’ as the saying goes. For many years Benvic has been monitoring and measuring all of the company’s environmental inputs and outputs and - since 2019 – Benvic has been specifically calculating CO2 emissions on all of its sites.

Benvic’s decarbonisation strategy is thus set to be a key part of its 2024-26 ESG Plan. The company is also engaging with main of its suppliers in order to reduce carbon emissions within its value chain.

Last year – and in line with these stated aims – Benvic began a project to create Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). What are EPDs exactly? An Environment Product Declaration (EPD) transparently reports objective, comparable and third-party verified data about products and services’ environmental performance throughout their life cycle.

Benvic’s new EPDs will also lead the way in the general development and expansion of the company itself. The EPDs will provide objective and quantitative information that enables informed decision-making regarding sustainability. The new EPDs will also help implement circular programmes in order to reduce environmental impacts and to improve Benvic’s environmental solutions for its clients and customers. In order to ensure EPD success, the new project is being jointly managed by the Benvic’s Innovation and ESG teams.

Benvic’s Innovation Team, for example, has a clear role to play in promoting eco-innovation. Their particular goal is to develop more sustainable and efficient Benvic products from conception – and without loss of quality.

Thanks to Benvic’s Innovation Team, the company will be able to identify hotspots with significant environmental impacts, and will also be able to focus effort on actions that will deliver optimum environmental results.

Making better and better environmental products not only improves Benvic’s overall environmental performance but also creates and provide the best products on the market. In the months and years to come, better environmental performance will be synonymous with better business.

The new Benvic ESG plan builds upon the company’s existing ESG activities and achievements over the past four years. Going forward the 2024-26 plan will also trigger environmental actions that help increase the energy efficiency of the company’s plants and also implement waste reduction measures and targets across the group.

Benvic now holds the Gold-level Excellence award from the international provider of sustainability ratings – Ecovadis. This ranking continues to place Benvic among the top 2% in the sector for sustainable achievement – a status it intends to build upon with the new ESG 2024-6 plan.