Linkflex 2024

Since its launch in 2020, Benvic’s Linkflex HF compound undergone innovation and new applications where halogen-free flame retardant (HHFR) and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) are required.

Linkflex 2024 - Benvic is developing its material capabilities further by launching new products for new applications. 

For example, in energy distribution, renewable energies are currently mapping out new grid systems in order to link various solar plants and windmills to distribution networks.  

To address this need, Linkflex HF grades HFS109 and HSF110 have been launched and cover applications to low voltage to high voltage, as well as sheathing with excellent fire performance.

However, the unique and extra value that Benvic offers in these applications is being able to integrate on-request post-consumer recycled content for such a version. This allows cable makers to generate a new horizon with environmental value as recycled content for cable polymers is still a challenge.

The Photovoltaic panel market is also currently booming and the connection of that market to various distribution networks calls for a specific kind of cable. Inside the Linfkex HF range, a new crosslinked version HFX003 now addresses this specific need with improved material resistance - also enabling cable makers to produce product more efficiently. 

And to help cost control for cable makers, Benvic is innovating a new generation of compounds that will avoid the bedding operation and will thus lower the total cost of ownership. The rheology and formulation have been designed to manage all volume gaps and with excellent fire resistance: a first version HFS 114 for energy distribution is now available.

Linkflex 2024 - Benvic is developing its material capabilities further by launching new products for new applications. 

Linkflex HF is also enlarging its uses in datacom and industrial in the following sectors:

  • For fiber optics: HFS602 has been designed for thick buffer cables and HFS614 has a superior fire performance -  reaching B2Ca level
  • For industrial: HFS504 has been designed to manage high flexibility for flat cable use, where systems are in motion such as lift or industrial robots
  • For versatility: Grade HFM 203 has been designed to be versatile, for sheathing or insulation,  and applicable in multiple applications and complaint with German standards 

Linkflex HF continues to be a great success for Benvic - ticking boxes for strong innovation, sustainability, production efficiency, and performance. 

All of these features and benefits will be presented by Benvic at Wire Expo 2024 in Dusseldorf on April 15th-19th. 

Benvic will show all of its cabling solutions on Stand 11 A77.

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