2021 sustainability report

Transparency and traceability is important to us. Get in-depth knowledge about our sustainability initiatives by reading our latest report.

Leading the way and setting new standards for the industry

Since its inception, Benvic has striven to offer the best products and customer service to its clients. We always sought to improve our processes and to become a better and more competitive company, one that is beneficial not only to itself but to its various stakeholders and to the world at large.

For a few years now, we have entered a new, exciting stage in our development. In addition to our long-standing tradition of excellence, we are pursuing a strategy of ambitious yet respectful international expansion. Our approach revolves around three axes: a strong international presence; a sustainable and green development; and a corporate culture driven by value-creation.

“Since 2020, our world has been shaken by crisis upon crisis – some of them long-brewing, other unforeseeable. Nevertheless, Benvic has risen through adversity to become one of the major players in its industry: not a niche compounder anymore, but a well-diversified, prosperous and conscientious platform catering to essential needs."

Luc Mertens, CEO Benvic

A sustainable company

Benvic possesses the experience, the expertise and the excellence to lead the way and set new standards for the industry. The company has become a global platform, simultaneously growing larger and growing closer to its international clients. In the future, we intend to strengthen our presence in the United States, and to diversify our offer through judicious and timely acquisitions.

We also expect to set the example as a sustainable company. We have taken several steps to make our energy supply simultaneously green and resilient, which enabled us to become carbon-neutral (scopes 1 and 2) in 2020. We are conducting a thorough reflection on the best ways to make our company as environment-friendly as possible, and on how to give back to the community through our participation in the circular economy.

By reducing our environmental footprint, we are offering an improved value proposition, thus furthering our goal to bring ever more value to the world. Moving forward, we will keep fostering initiative and finding new ways to create and enhance value for our stakeholders.