Why biobased solutions are important ?

Provinyl Infinite provides the answer for PVC compounds

Sustainable solutions are now quickly moving ahead for today's polymer industry. Legal regulations, corporate carbon neutrality targets, and customer choices are triggering the market to quickly adopt solutions that save non-renewable resources.


The famous three ”’ R”s still apply in every way: reuse, repair, and recycle. 

As a polymer compounder, Benvic is fully committed to mechanical recycling: the company’s value-added skills and resources mean the supply of stable performance and availability from heterogeneous and non-recurrent feedstocks. 

That said, mechanical recycling will always have some limitations around color, weathering shock resistance, and other material properties. At that point a remedial strategy is needed to fully match each application to its intended performance. 

In some cases, however, the material limitations are significant enough to prevent the use of recyclate. What then? This situation provides the opportunity for the use of biobased resins. Specifically developed and tested in Benvic laboratories, Provinyl Infinite compounds now provide such a biobased solution for PVC related uses and applications.  

The immediate advantage of ProVinyl Infinite is that it offers a significant carbon balance drop without any major material change or re-qualification. 

Thanks to proper certification reporting from Benvic's supply chain, the switch to biobased resin can give customers a ready environmental solution at minimum cost, inclusive of the same performance, reliability, and certification  - and without the need for additional testing or protocols. This is particularly attractive to the windows, doors and pressure fitting markets for example. 

Since the cost of ProVinyl Infinite compounds is significantly higher than conventional PVC compounds, their use is targeted specific applications and towards multi-shot mouldings and layered extrusions. For example, ProVinyl Infinite can be used:

  • As an exposed surface or skin in order to overcome the aesthetics of recycled materials issues (which can then be used a core material). In this way both biobased and recycled solutions can be used in the same application in order to maximize the environmental impact.
  • Where the extra cost can be compensated by the final benefits and the value-added improvement, particularly in consumer products where environment concerns are a key differentiator and income generator.  
  • In all these cases Benvic materials engineering is needed to design the solution - based on eco-design considerations and Benvic’s future support and development of these materials.  

Right now, Provinyl Infinite compounds can directly replace corresponding petro-sourced grades or can also be used in conjunction with other fillers.

By mixing and matching solutions around both bio-sourced and recycled solutions, Benvic is helping reshape today’s marketplace: Benvic’s commitment to both these technologies means the company is fast-becoming the ‘go to’ materials supplier in the emerging circular economy.

Primarily developed at Benvic’s Sowery Bridge, UK plant, and based on RBS certification, ProVinyl Infinite compounds are now available to purchase. Consult your local sales representative for further details. 


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The famous three ”’ R”s still apply in every way: reuse, repair, and recycle.