Our first Code of Conduct

At Benvic, we do things the right ways and for the right reasons. We operate with integrity. Part of the success of our company lies in our Ethics.
Our Code of Conduct is the backbone enabling us to conduct our operations with Quality, Transparency, Integrity and Social Responsibility.

Our first global Code of Conduct

Benvic Code of Conduct represents a way of behaving that embodies our Corporate values, those at the very heart of our business: Commitment, Enthusiasm, Respect, Team Spirit. It is the channel through which we transmit the way we act, we do business and we put our values into practice every day.

Key ethics

Our business model relies on a sustainable and ethical approach, combined with the utmost respect for our partners.

Our success is not an accident. It is the result of years of research and improvement. Our pledges to excellence, environmental awareness and ethical business practices enable us to forge ahead in the industry. Our commitments to our stakeholders keep us humane and make us a great company to work with and to work in.

This Code provides guidelines for our business practices within the Benvic Group, with regards not only to business relations but also to cooperation with colleagues. Just as Benvic is dedicated to each of its employees, each one of us is committed to the company, both in and outside the workplace, whenever we are representing Benvic.

As a company, Benvic is accountable to its clients, employees and to all of its partners, whatever the nature of the relationship and wherever they are located.